SpaceRail - Level 2

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The classic Spacerail toy from the 80's has been recreated for your rolling pleasure. What is it that fascinates us about rolling steel balls on a roller coaster style track?

Perhaps it's the mesmerizing perpetual motion as the balls zoom around loops and curves, only to be cranked corkscrew style up to the top for another high speed round. Or maybe it's the hours of assembly time spent fine-tuning each section of track to get the perfect run without the balls flying across the room.

Of course you can build the exact structure shown in the instructions, but why not venture out and try your own mad creation with only the laws of physics as your limitation.

This is a great gift for your friends of all ages...let the Spacerail journey begin!

This set is recommended for beginners.

Rail length: 5500mm
Steel balls: 2pcs
Difficulty: Easy
Assembly time: 1-2 hours
Recommended for beginners
English instruction manual included

Try searching on YouTube for video examples if you need help with assembly

These are a puzzle, its trial and error, even once the rail is attached there is many small adjustments you are going to have to make before it runs smoothy.
We cannot help with building it, the best advice we can give is browse YouTube for videos which can help you with ideas, if you cant figure it out on your own.
You just have to put it together and adjust it until it works, there are no shortcuts.


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