Astronomical Telescope 700 x 60mm

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The scope is equipped with quality lenses for excellent brightness, resolution, and clarity regardless of your subject to view.

Ideal for moon watching

- Main Objective lens calibre 60mm
- Focal length 700mm
- Standard 0.965

- 700mm Telescope
- Eyepieces 6mm,16mm,25mm
- Barlow lens 3x
- Eyepiece extension 1.5x
- 90' Corner Lens
- Aluminium Tripod with accessory tray
- Finder scope
- Instruction/guide

Assembly required

Magnification Power is determined by the lens used, here is an example
(this scope has a 700mm focal length)
700mm Focal length / 12.5mm eyepiece = 56x Zoom
700mm Focal length / 16mm 700mm eyepiece = 43x Zoom
700mm Focal length / 6mm 700mm eyepiece = 116x Zoom
From here you can add the 1.5x erecting eye piece and/or the 3x barlow, to multiply zoom
DO NOT use Barlow and erecting eyepiece in conjunction with angle prism this will result in low resolution

Degree of magnification required is dependent on object which is being viewed

Size of Scope: approx. 80cm (L)
Height of Tripod: approx. 1m

PHOTOS 2,3,4,5 were taken through the scope with a Galaxy Note 5 
Does not come with any phone mounts or camera connectors


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