Fishing Lures - Rattle 16g + 21g

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Beautiful design with highly reflective and attractive colors. Each lure has two sharp treble hooks to help keep fish on the line. Fitted with steel ball within the body to create a rattling effect and swims from mid-level to just below water surface like a wounded fish. This will attract all predators. Great for casting or trolling.

- Bright reflective colours
- Dual Treble hooks
- Rattle built in
- Each lure packed individually

Size & Weight:
16g Lure
- Colour Pink
- approx 11cm long
- approx 2cm diameter (at widest point)

21g Lure
- Colour Yellow
- approx 13cm long
- approx 2.5cm diameter (at widest point)

Please keep in a safe place after use.


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