First Aid Kit - Deluxe

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Deluxe First Aid Kit

Perfect for in the car, boat or tramping pack, don't get caught without this medic kit in emergency situations. 

***Now with Iodine loaded Cotton bud sticks*** 
Just snap the stick where the line is and hold vertically (so the fluid runs out the snap) then tap to allow iodine to flow and coat cotton bud. 

Each Kit Includes: 
- Gauze Pad (10cm x 10 cm) x 4 pieces 
- Adhesive Wound Dressing (6cm x 7cm) x 4 pieces 
- Band-aid x 10 pieces 
- Square Bandage (7.5cm x 5cm) x 4 pieces 
- Alcohol pads x 10 pieces 
- Bandage roll (5cm x 4.5m) x 2 pieces 
- PBT Bandage roll (7.5cm x 4.5m) x 2 pieces 
- Clip Tourniquet x 1 piece 
- Rubber Tourniquet x 1 piece 
- Emergency Blanket 130cm x 210cm x 1 piece 
- CPR Face Shield x 1 piece 
- Rubber Gloves x 1 pair 
- NEW DESIGN Iodine loaded Cotton bud sticks x 10 pieces 
- Tape x 1 piece 
- Triangular Bandage (96cm x 96cm x 136cm) x 1 piece 
- Small Bandage scissors (9cm) x 1 piece 
- Plastic Tweezers (10.5cm) x 1 piece 
- Red zipper pouch x 1 piece 

Pouch size: approx. 22cm x 16cm x 9cm 
Weight: approx. 380g 
Black Binding Coils Specifications: - 300mm X 20mm (suits A4 Paper) - 21 rings - 100 pieces per bo


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