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Scared of going camping or embarking on an outdoor adventure because you are terrified by the possibilities that you could find yourself in a sticky situation? Well, fear no more with this awesome Camping Wire Saw that fits in your pockets! This wire saw is tiny and light, yet so vital for your safety and survival should you find the need to cut through something quickly and easily. A must have for any outdoor enthusiast!

This wire saw consists of multiple pieces of German wire uniquely banded together with two rings at the end for an easy grip. This amazing wire can can cut through wood, rubber, plastic, bone and even soft metal. The two rings act as the handle and can rotate 360 degrees for precision cutting.

This saw can be used with both hands by sliding your thumbs into each ring. Alternatively you can make a bow shaped saw by making a "v" shaped cut on the ends of a tree branch and slide the rings into each "v" shaped cut. To saw simply slide the wire through the surface in a swift, back and forth motion.

TIP: Remember to keep the wire straight and tight to achieve optimal results. This wire saw requires much less effort and time than your traditional Swiss army knives that had been popular before this amazing invention!

Materials: 600mm German stainless steel wire
Weight: approx. 25g
Size: saw length approx. 55cm, overall length 70cm

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