Precision Screwdrivers - 32 in 1

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This Handy 32 in 1 Screwdriver Tool box weighs only 225g, so it’s perfect for the work belt or the DIY toolbox, its compact yet has all the sizes of screws that are needed for everyday DIY tasks.

This Screwdriver set consists of high quality precision fit machined tips, all stored in a handy carry box.

This Screwdriver set is perfect for fixing cell phones, laptops, reading glasses, toys and other small gadgets.


PH00, PH0 , PH1, PH2 , Slot1.5, Slot2.0 ,Slot2.5 , Slot3.0 , Slot4.0, T4 ,T5 ,T6 ,T7 ,T8 ,T10 ,T15 , Hex2.5 , Hex3.0 , Hex3.5 , Hex4.0 , Hex4.5 , Hex5.0 , Hex5.5 , Star1.5mm , Star2.0mm , 2.3 , 3.0 , m2.6 , and 1.0mm tips.


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