Nut Bluetooth Tracking

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Mini Bluetooth Smart Tag, new version 2.0 smarter more convenient use & size

- Two-way anti lost
Press the button on the nut to locate paired phone & use the app to locate nut
- Location history
View the location history
- Remind Buzzer
Left behind reminder
- Community Search
Declared it "lost" then other users notify you

How to use:
Use the app to show nut locations and tracking info

Use example 1. Paired nut attached to "keys" (normal use)
When you loose your "keys" you can look up the last time your phone talked to the "keys" say at the office
You can then go to the office and once the phone is within range of the "keys" the app shows far, near or close with a circle meter
You then use this info to get close then you can press the call button which makes the nut beep so you can find it

Use example 2. Paired nut attached to "keys" when you leave your "keys behind"(optional setting)
Once the "keys" are out of range the phone notifies you that you have left your "keys behind"

Use example 3. Paired nut attached to "keys" when you completely loose the "keys" outside of your usual frequented locations cannot find them at all (worst case)
Just Declare it "lost" within the APP and when any other nut user comes within range you are notified of the location
You can then got to the location and start using the far,near,close ranger and then beep your "keys" to find them.

You can also long press the button on the nut to make you phone beep, if you phone is down the back of the couch/bed/car seat this is handy

You can manage 6 Nut Mini bluetooth tracking tag at the same time.
English instructions on how to set up start in the 2nd half of the manual
For videos on YouTube, search "NUT 2 Bluetooth Tracker"

- ios7+
- Android 4.3 +
- Most devices with GPS & bluetooth v4.0+
- Alarm distance 50m at best
- Battery CR2032 (sample incl)
- Color GREEN
- Size approx 36.4mm x 36.4mm x 5.8mm
- Standby time when not tracked or used 100days
- Net Weight +/- 10g


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