Heavy Duty Pet Pads - 50pc

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These are NOT cheap counterfeit pads, these Pet Pads are very absorbent and features soft breathable non-woven top sheets that help keep the top layer dry.
Each pad absorbs up to 500ml !!! Tried tested and trusted by many of our customers.
(test results below)

They have special rhomboid embossment to ensure higher absorbency rate.
This newer improved version also features a waterproof, non-slip film on the bottom layer to help contain the liquid and keep the surface dry and clean.

These Puppy Pads are top grade and have 2 SAP absorbency rating, meaning they can absorb a lot of fluid.
(See below for our test results)

Total external size: 60cm x 45cm
Absorbent area size: 53.5cm x 38.5cm
Quantity: 50 pads per pack (please feel free to Q&A us if you require more than one pack)

This powerful suction pee pee pad is suitable for both Dogs or Cats!

- Economic 50 piece pack
- Odour controlling system
- Extra absorbent 2 SAP rating
- Water proof bottom layer
- Contains Super Absorbent Polymer
- Essential toilet training tool for all pet owners

- We laid a single pad out flat on the table
- Slowly poured a 500ml water bottle over the paid letting it soak in
- Continued to add water to the whole absorbent surface

- Absorbs a maximum of 500ml with slow even application / coverage
(pouring 500ml at once, in the middle makes it run off the sides)
- The whole 500ml was applied
- We lifted the pad vertical from one end holding only 2 corners
- No water fell, dripped or ran off


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