Grow Lamp 12W SMD

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This is the ideal Grow Light for plant enthusiasts and plant breeders everywhere and lets you enjoy the fruits of your labor with these incredible Grow Lights!

Increase yield and decrease growth time

It uses a combination of red and blue lights to stimulate indoor and greenhouse plants by providing light in the frequencies that plants primarily use for critical biological processes.
Grow light enhances the natural process of photosynthesis and saves energy by not generating light in colors that plants do not use.
More efficient, brighter for longer and emits virtually no heat

E27 Red Blue SMD Plant Lamp Hydroponic Grow Light Bulbs for Garden Greenhouse

- Wide angle SMD 12W (blue & red)
- With 90-265V input, suitable for any country use.
- Contains no harmful elements, environmental friendly.
- Low power consumption,high luminous efficiency and long service life.
- Designed to fit most standard E27 fittings, easy to install.
- Ideal for all plants which work on soil or hydroponic methods of growing in any indoor environment.
- Ultra bright and environment-friendly, no UV and IR radiation.
- Stylish and exquisite appearance.
- It is suitable for showcase, residential, office, hotel lobby, shop, exhibition room, landscaping, etc.
- Triggers specific growth and flowering and helps plants grow quicker.
- Supplement sunlight, especially in winter with shorter daylight.

- SMD quantity: 102
- Light wavelength: 630-660NM(red), 440-460NM(blue)
- Lamp base: E27
- Output voltage: 12W
- Input voltage: 85-264V
- Working Frequency: 50-60Hz
- Ambient Operating temperature: -30 to 50 degree

- Total length 60m
- Face diameter 65mm

Package list:
1x SMD Grow assist light bulb


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