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Automatic Fish Feeder with LCD Screen and large volume feed chamer

This State of the art Automatic Fish Feeder routinely feeds your aquarium whether you are at an overseas holiday or just away for the weekend. With this Automatic feeder there won't be a risk of overfeeding or starving your fish.

This Feeder is very easy to use with its digital timer and large multi-functional feeder, it makes feeding your fish a snap. Whether you're feeding flake foods, pellets or crumbled feed, this feeder will hold it all. The hatch style feed door is completely adjustable; allowing you to decide how much food is dished out at each meal. An ingenious feature is the adjustable hatch doubling as a mixing stir bar, reducing the natural tendency for food to clump. This Automatic Feeder is also moisture resistant and easy to remove for regular cleaning.

Fully adjustable clamp allows the feeder to mount on almost any style aquarium. The Feeder features a large size digital display showing the time and makes it easy to view when programming. The programme allows for up to four automatic feedings per day, whether single or double feed. Manual override allows single feeding at a press of a button.

Size: 13.5cm (W) x 8.5cm (D) x 12.0 cm (H)

Programmable food volumes and can set up to 4 feeding times per day.

When "Lo" is displayed on the LCD, it indicates the power is low, powered by 2 x AAA batteries (not included).

Model: ZW-82
Feed chamber: 7.5cm diameter, 4.0cm thick hold 40-50g

Each feed amount is determined by a manual slide, the further you open it the more food falls out each time, the min setting provides very little and the max setting is a heaps, with a bit of trial and error testing before attaching to a tank you will be able to adjust it to suit your needs.


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