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Designed to increase your dogs IQ by way of Learn, Play and Reward.
Helps to teach your pets to play with toys from an early age, as opposed to destroying them.
Dog treat Ball has been designed to ensure it doesn't break in half and doesn't trap teeth.
Suitable for young dogs, and great for small to medium dogs.

- Surface decorated with little little bones and paws
- Free from bite your furniture
- Rolling the ball and the food will come out of the ball
- Only smashed and small food can be put in

How you use your Treat Ball:
- Place some of your pets favourite treats inside (break them up if need be)
- Introduce your pet to the noise so when the wibble noise sounds, your pets know they are in for a treat

Dog Treat Ball is another way of simulating your dogs cognitive skills:
- Stimulate Mentally
- Happier dog = happier Owner

Material: Non-Toxtic Hard Rubber
Sound: voicable and cute

Package Contents:
1 x Treat Dispensing Chew Ball BLACK

Product dimensions:
- approx 9-10 cm Diameter
- approx 30cm circumference
(its not round actual size varies depending on where measured)
- Treats hole 15mm diameter


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