Camo Net 3m x 3m

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This all-purpose Camouflage net is ideal for a variety activities from home made hunting blinds, camouflaging bunkers, covering up unsightly outdoor storage piles around the house, or creating themed party decorations.

Measuring at a generous 3m x 3m size, this provides enough cover for a large range of uses.

Easy-pack and lightweight, this camouflage net comes with a handy storage bag making it an ideal travel companion.

Size: 3m x 3m
Colour: Woodland Green/Brown
Packed size: approx. 38cm x 18cm diameter
Weight: when packed approx 1kg

- Our photos are unedited and natural
- 3 photos outside and 2 photots inside to show colour in different lighting conditions
- Tone will vary due to your monitor type and display settings
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