3D Foam Puzzle - Holland Windmill

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This 3D Holland Windmill Puzzle kit is superb for any model loving builders out there, young or old. This building set requires no tools and is a fun challenge to construct with a great three-dimensional result.

The set consists of several sheets of push-out paper and EPS foam puzzle boards for you to get your puzzle pieces from and, like any normal puzzle, it's up to you to get the pieces in the right place. The pieces are carefully designed to slot together in a push-fit style and are great for anyone who thinks 2D puzzles are just plain old boring.

No glue or scissors are required upon building and fairly easy to assemble, which makes this an ideal souvenir even if it wasn’t Holland that you went to.

Windmills, what a fascinating sight they make, with their huge arms rotating in the wind so gracefully. The Dutch have always struggled with the North-Sea and their Rivers, that’s why there are a lot of Windmills in Holland. Some of them were used to pulverize grain and other food; some were to maintain the water level in the rivers and canals. Most of these Windmills were demolished in the 19th and 20th century but some survived and are used for tour purposes only, with only a few left to do what they originally built for.

- Build an awesome 3D replica of the Holland Windmill with this World Wonder Set
- Engaging, challenging and fun 3D Puzzle
- Light air foam non-toxic material
- Difficulty: Easy (100-200 minutes)
- No Scissors or glue required
- Authentic details, sturdy construction

Model Size: 26.5cm (L) x 19.6cm (W) x 20cm (H)
Age: 3+ years


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