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Silicone Height Increase Gels


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Increase your height
You can increase your height centimeters depending on the number of "levels" of very soft silicone gel material you use.
A height increase system that in seconds will allow you to increase height in an easy, fast and safe way.
5 adjustable "floors" that you can use according to the shoe, the occasion and when you want to increase your height.
This system has interlocking pieces to help avoid them coming apart, 5 gradual levels that you can add/remove according to the situation.

- Fits most shoes, sports,casual,leather etc
- Reduces back and knees pressure when walking
- Removable which allows you choose your height depending on the style of shoe you are wearing
- Moulds to the shape of the foot,extremely comfortable
- The layers are self-adhesive and interlocking to prevent movement
- Enhance blood circulation,reduce muscular aches and pains, shock-absorbing

Uncompressed height when all "floors" are used 3cm, this raises your heel making you appear taller in comfort.

One Set contains:
2x Top layers (long piece)
6x Mid pieces (allows "floors" on both sides)
2x bottom pieces (only allows floors on top)

For cleaning use warm water, gentle hand, natural dry

- Comes in international packing (Spanish language retail box)
- There is No instructions, just work our for yourself which ones suit your needs

Model: MD02455

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