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This little tackle box is perfect for the casual fisher.

Helps keeping all of your gear contained together a breeze. Boasting a strong, secure and low profile lid, this is a must have in the kit at keeping even the smallest of tackles mixing with other items. Small size means it can even fit into the glovebox of the car.

- Clear plastic offers viewing from all angles which works wonders when trying to locate items without having to pull everything out
- Small size fits easily in the glovebox or backpack
- Sturdy plastic material
- Removable dividers to fit different size lures
- 12 small compartments and 2 large compartments OR pull out the dividers to make 4 long compartments

External size (excluding hanging tag): approx. 18.7cm x 14cm x 3.7cm
Compartment size with dividers: 3cm x 4cm x 2.8cm deep / 4.8cm x 6.1cm x 2.8cm deep
Compartment size without dividers: 12.8cm x 4cm / 12.4cm x 4.8cm
Weight: approx. 130g

- Taken by our team
- Actual Photo of our stock
- No fake Photoshop or other artificial enhancements

Model: MD02416

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